Ever wondered if your sunrise/sunset images or the images shot during last autumn were not as vibrant as the scene you witnessed 롤러코스터 다운로드? Ever felt that the Saturation adjustment in the image-editing program that you use is not able to give you that extra boost in color?

Let’s try a solution that is different from the normal ways of increasing the vibrancy of an image Sherlock Holmes Season 1.

1. First, find an image that you think needs a boost in the colour department after all the processing 산회가 다운로드. Open it in whatever version of Photoshop you use.


2 결혼 못하는 남자 다운로드. Create a new adjustment so either click the icon at the bottom of the layers palette or choose Layer -> New Adjustment Layer & then choose Channel mixer & click OK 어스 자막 다운로드.

3. For each of the output channels we’re now going to increase the percentage for that colour mp3 커버 다운로드.

For example: For the red output channel were going to increase the value of red from 100% to 150%, but, to avoid colour casts we need to make sure that the total percentage for that channel is 100%, so we need to reduce the other 2 colours (green & blue) to -25% weblogic 12c. Do this for each of the 3 channels (Red, Green & Blue).

The values entered should be as follows:
· RED CHANNEL: Red 150%, Green -25%, Blue -25%
· GREEN CHANNEL: Red -25%, Green150%, Blue -25%
· BLUE CHANNEL: Red-25%, Green -25%, Blue 150%

4 보험증권 다운로드. Once completed, click OK and you’re pretty much done. Since this is on a separate layer, you can adjust the opacity to reduce the amount of saturation if required mac os x yosemite.

The below animation shows 2 images – the first one being normally processed image and second one is the one processed using the method explained in this article Finale Crack. You clearly see how you can better the saturation levels in your images . . . without “manipulation” !

Quest for colors

Doesn’t it sound simple?

Please do share us your views on the above technique and if there is anything specific you would like to see in LW.

PS: This is not a technique that is of my own but from a fellow photography friend & something that I found very helpful and handy for increasing the saturation of an image in a different way.

Coming up in few days will be Lab method of increasing the saturation or “vibrancy” in an image – No no this is not the old school way of increasing the saturation using chemicals in dark room but using the L*a*b mode in the Photoshop ( and any other supporting applications ) to do the trick!

Article copyright Shivakumar L Narayan, Image copyright Pramod Viswanath.

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