Confluence ’15 featuring Subterranean Landscapes  Linux netcat.

February 01, 2015. Venue: National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru @ 1600hrs.

Confluence 2015

Confluence 2015

On February 01 2015, Landscape Wizards organized a first ever photography event where nature lovers
and nature photographers joined hands together under a common roof sharing their passion for photography and to celebrate the beauty of Indian landscapes You leave and too.

The event was also about screening a mini documentary première coupled with photography exhibition showcasing our latest “Unseen Landscapes” expedition to the cave world of Meghalaya hpjmeter 다운로드.

You can view online the mini documentary here

Picturesque NGMA Bengaluru on the event day :

NGMA, Bengaluru

NGMA, Bengaluru

We started off the event with welcome note by Sahana who was the MC for the evening. Harsha opened the evening talking about the LW vision and the opportunities for making serious landscapes in India 클레이모어 다운로드.

This was followed by a keynote talk by National Geographic emerging explorer Mr. Sandesh Kadur.
It was an awe-inspiring talk by Sandesh on his journey so far in Nature Photography and Wildlife Film Making 아쿠아스토리 다운로드. Sandesh also shared insights and experiences on his ventures into the North East India, specially Meghalaya.

Sanesh Kadur - Keynote - Confluence 2015

Sandesh Keynote

Our Second Keynote speaker was Mr Rajesh Puttaswamaiah windows 7 iso 파일 다운로드. Rajesh primarily focuses on Bats and Bat conservation activities and is currently a trustee of Bat Conservation India Trust ( BCIT ). Rajesh introduced the audience into the ‘dark’ world of Cave Ecosystem, followed by some shocking yet educating insights on challenges faced in wildlife conservation work that he is involved in Ebs DakyuPrime download.

Rajesh - Keynote - Confluence 2015

Rajesh – Keynote

Rajesh’s talk revolved around key challenges that he currently faces working for Bat conservation – be it
Wildlife protection laws that are toothless towards these humble creatures of the caves or his work in various parts of the country towards educating people on Bat conservation 아이패드 동영상 다운로드. Rajesh shocked the  nature lovers with his ‘guerrilla’ style video that portrayed on going Bat Hunting and how it is closely intertwined into the culture of the people of Meghalaya which is an extremely sensitive issue to deal with
especially when the odds are against you 이젠안녕 다운로드.

The sula video was unveiled after the two inspiring talks and Ashwini Kumar Bhat,  fellow team member of Landscape Wizards unveiled the mini-documentary Download the 4th term of Bean Soon.

Ashwini unveiling the documentary

Ashwini unveiling the documentary

Harsha and Shiva adorned the dais post the video to answer questions on Cave photography, challenges that they faced making images of the unseen world of Caves of Meghalaya coupled with lighter moments they shared on field during the trip.

Shiva & Harsha sharing their experiences

Shiva & Harsha sharing their experiences

Thanking Note By Pramod

Thanking Note By Pramod

The evening concluded with unveiling of the some prints of the exotic caves coupled with a socializing event and High tea.






Many Thanks to all who made it to the event, Sandesh and Rajesh for their inspiring talks and last but not the least our event sponsors:

Bat Conservation India Trust ( BCIT ) –

Wolf Pack –

Book My Lens –

 In Press:

Deccan Chronicle:

Deccan Herald:

The Hindu:

 Photo Credits:

Anand R Photography and Pramod Viswanath

Let’s meet again in 2016, till then wishing good light for all !

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