Images and post by Devi Sujathaa

(Starscapes and Landscapes workshop participant)

I have always enjoyed street photography because it offered a myriad of colors, emotions and movements to capture 실시간 동영상 다운로드.

So when I opted to join a field workshop with Landscape wizards, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was curious to understand how to capture the beauty of stillness, only landscapes can offer jsp zip 다운로드. And of course, the “star” attraction of the workshop was to capture the movement of stars- star trails, to be precise…(well, I didn’t even realize stars moved, despite all those lessons in school!)

So the much awaited journey began on the evening of 29th March, 2012 크롬 오디오 다운로드. A bunch of us, boarded the bus from Bangalore->Kollur (not to mention the embarrassing fact, that a couple of us boarded the wrong bus and were later shifted to the right one, somewhere on the way)…That is the beauty of travelling in India….bizarre things happen and yet you always have a way out nursery rhymes!

After a restful journey we reached the farms situated at the bottom of the Kodachadri hill in Western Ghats.

I was eager to sit back and enjoy the tranquility and freshness of this beautiful homestay Tarwart 3. Well, basically “DO NOTHING”….

But our ringmaster, Pramod (Landscape Wizard -1 ) thought otherwise! So we quickly freshened up and headed for a nature walk to capture some pictures of a variety of limestone rock formations, rugged hills and gurgling streams. Mofinet.


Before we realized, it was noon and so we returned back to the farm to be treated with some delicious homemade lunch which we rounded off with fresh, sweet chikkus and bananas Unity free download. After a few hours of chilling by the farm’s exotic garden, we were up and ready for the long evening.

We spent some time capturing the beautiful sunset by the backwaters of the Sharavathi river while our soft spoken Landscape Wizard -2, Sriharsha, took over the evening preparations to spot a location facing the North Pole star hp 로드러너 다운로드. The
plan was to capture the star trails as they move around this star. Well into the evening, rain clouds shrouded over our preferred spot in the sky and therefore we took advantage of this free time, chatting and enjoying the beautiful location Download Cooking Mama.
Facing the glistening backwaters, with just the wide sky above us….It was a lovely evening indeed.


And well beyond 10pm, the sky cleared up at some parts and we settled for capturing the star trails to the best extent possible Seamonkey download.

After a great evening, we finally retreated back to our cottages well past midnight. Some of our enthusiastic mates continued shooting the star trails up until 4am. Overall it was a great Saturday, well spent.

We kept our first part of Day 2 quite relaxed in order to prepare ourselves for the most exciting jeep ride up the Kodachadri peak. I swear, this was as crazy as the (in)famous dune bashing of Dubai!

We clung on to our dear lives till we reached the peak where we were welcomed by the cool breeze of the misty mountains….Our bumpy ride was well worth it! After enjoying the scenery for a while, we reluctantly took out our cameras to click some more pictures…



And yes, there you go….a wonderful time spent in the wilderness, some good friendships made (along with nice pictures), awesome food, Landscape wizards caps as surprise gifts – what more can one ask!

Few Images by our  ‘ Starscapes & Landscapes March 2012 ‘ workshop participants :

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  • June 25, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    Kudos to the ringmaster 😉 for getting the best out of the nature and its creations!


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