How about something by the photographers for the photographers Harry Potter Wizard's Stone subtitles?

In photography, landscape photography in particular, we want the subject to be at optimum and ‘acceptable’ focus. Hyperfocal distance is the closest distance  beyond which all the objects would be acceptably sharp if the lens is focused at  this distance ThunderEleven.

In simple mathematics, we can calculate hyperfocal distance using the formula as below:

If H is the hyper focal distance, ‘ f ‘ is the focal length intended, N is the f-number ( aperture ), c is the circle of confusion limit :

H = [ (f x f)/( N x c) ] + f

While on field, doing this math would be time consuming and any photographer would never want to do this considering the fleeting moments monster park 다운로드! Hence we often resort to methods like having a hyper focal distance ( hereafter referred to as HFD  ) cards or most of the time we go by hunches and our photography experience Xiaomi eurom download.

At Landscape Wizards, we thought about a more practical approach. Android phones are omnipresent in these years. Most of us carry phones where ever we go 1.13.2 Forge Download. How about an HFD app that helps fellow photographers ? Bingo !

We have released a HFD calculator that is currently in BETA.  You are free to download the app and use it if you have an android phone 클립스튜디오 무료 다운로드!  Click here for the download link

If you like it or if you feel the tool needs improvements, we welcome you to provide us the feedback Windows 7 Chess Download. We always believe in sharing our thoughts and ideas and we are open to feedback!

Have fun! Feel free to share the app and link across to your fellow photography friends pes6 다운로드.

For the convenience of android phone users, QR code of the app download link :


Note: Some browsers on few phones might give out an error stating unable to download if used against the above QR code and that is because of the problem in the browser martial arts novel txt. You may want to have a download manager installed on your phone. If you do not want to install a download manager, you can also go to the link provided above and download the app Planet Coaster download.

This application was being conceptualised and developed by Sriharsha Ganjam. Couple of us are working on it to make it better and add more tools to the arsenal.

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  • September 27, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    Why dont you guys make the app via the android market, makes it easier to access!


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