Adventures in a Landscape!

Nature is all about the outdoors. One reason why I love Nature Photography so much is because of my inherent love for the Outdoors your graduation certificate. But being Outdoors is only half the fun for me if I am not having the excitement of Adventure to spice up the deal. And of all the genres of Nature photography I have tried, “Landscape Photography” is probably where I got closest to Nature and its elements windows 7 internet explorer 11 다운로드. There has always been an immense sense of accomplishment and adventure with all my unseen landscape images. Whether it was braving the deep dark jungles in rain to find that hidden patch of forest with glowing fungi, or roughing it out in the middle of elephant country to photograph meteor showers at midnight outputstream 다운로드. Doing the un-done and pushing the frontiers of Landscape Photography has always been one of my main objectives in drafting the Unseen Landscapes Redhead & Download.

I would like to share with you a few behind the scene images from some of my previous expeditions to highlight the efforts and conditions that go into making the “Unseen” zoo hyehwadong mp3.



Being out in the open really means camping and there is nothing that can match the experience of spending a night under the stars 아이다32 다운로드. The Geminid meteor showers I was after gave me ample opportunities to camp in some amazing locations Show Me the Money 777.


Of course the view you get from your windows when you are camping is always the best part update. I made this image when I was camping near a waterfall to make an image of the night sky 픽셀몬 다운로드.


Going to far off places sometimes means lugging in all our equipment by foot, and sometimes in inclement weather too Micro Office 2016 free download. This image was made during our Luminous Landscapes expedition when me and my friend Ashwini Kumar Bhat went out to photograph Luminous Fungi.



Being self sufficient is the key and if at all trekking teaches you anything, its frugality and prioritizing your necessities. Despite my prioritising I could not get my luggage to less than three heavy bags when I went exploring the possibilities of making starscape images near a waterfall.


Making an image in the midst of challenging situations is tricky as one needs to take care of not only personal safety, but also equipment safety. While shooting the Luminous Fungi rain was our constant companion and both me and my friend Ashwini made sure we had our equipment well covered and taken care of.



The joy of thinking on executing your image is a rare privilege in Landscape Photography which is not shared across other genres of nature photography. Working out the technique to make a 2000 year old vision come alive was one of most tricky and technically challenging assignment I have ever done.

Next in line of of my photo adventures is something which has never been done in India. I will be exploring and photographing the hidden Subterranean world of Limestone caves in Meghalaya along with my dear friend and fellow LW photographer Shivakumar. This is an expedition which will test our resolve and skills to the limit. Cant wait to get out and dig into the caves very soon!