Subterranean landscape expedition 2014


[wptabtitle] Outline[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Meghalaya, a magical place high in the clouds of Khashi Hills. This is the wettest place on Earth receiving upto 1000 cms of rain every year. It also has one of the best concentration of limestone in India. With all the rain Meghalaya gets it’s natural to imagine the amount of water that flows through its landscape free mock-up. The combination of all this water and limestone has resulted in the formation of some of the most beautiful and elaborate cave systems in the country.

We at LW want to take our Unseen Landscapes photo expeditions to places where no other photographer has been before flutter. Presenting Subterranean Landscapes where we explore these mysterious and beautiful cave systems from a photography point of view. Photographing the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations is unlike anything you would have attempted before. The sparkle of the innumerable crystals in the caves have to be seen to be believed.

Exploring caves is all about squeezing into some of the darkest crevasses only to emerge out on the other side kyobo ebook. We would be shooting in one of the most challenging conditions requiring ultimate perseverance and dedication. The challenges are immense but the rewards are infinite. This is true raw nature, which puts even the fittest and most improvising photographer to test.

Lead Explorers

Shivakumar L Narayan

Sriharsha Ganjam

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[wptabtitle] Pre-requisites[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Setting the right expectations:

Taking care of both ourselves and our equipment is LW’s top priority. Caving is a very tough sport both mentally and physically, and coming out with satisfactory images requires immense patience and dedication. This expedition is not intended for Claustrophobics 캘리포니케이션 다운로드! While we cannot guarantee on the type of images you will get, we can guarantee that you would be involved in “MAKING your Images” and not just taking images. Please come with an open mind to accept the challenges and learnings that accompany such expeditions.

 Below listed are points we have considered to ensure you have an enjoyable experience in the caves Pretty photo download.

Personal Safety

  • You would be provided with all safety equipment while visiting the amazing subterranean world that includes:
    • Safety Helmets
    • Caving Suit
    • Caving Shoes
  • You would also be guided by 2 experienced and professional Spelunkers to help us tackle the terrain
  • 2 members from Team LW would be with you inside the cave to help you with your images

 Items you are expected to carry

  •  Good comfortable shoes as you are expected to walk outside the caves as well
  • Warm & waterproof clothing for protection from cold and rains is recommended. We are after all going to the wettest place on earth in winter.
  • Camera kit (Wide angle, macros and flash).
  • A solid tripod is a MUST Download the Danang map.
  • A good torch
  • Any personal medicines and toiletries


[wptabtitle] FAQ[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

1. How do I confirm my participation to the expedition?

You need to confirm your participation to the workshop by paying an advance of Rs 10,000 (non refundable)

2 인트루더 다운로드. How many participants are expected on this expedition?

We lay a lot of emphasis on individual attention and individual breathing space. On this particular tour we do not intend to encourage more than 4 members.

3. What is your lead time for confirming my participation for the expedition 오페라에서 동영상 다운로드?

As we are genuinely concerned about participants’ comfort during the entire trip, we spend a lot of time researching, booking and arranging logistics for you. Hence we encourage your to make your bookings in . We close the slots on first come, first serve basis.

4. I have registered myself to the workshop but due to unavoidable circumstances, I would not be able to make it to the workshop this time 굿피플 6회 다운로드. Can I get back the refund of my registration advance?

Cancellations to the tour would be entertained only if we are informed TWO weeks in advance ( excluding booking advance of INR 10,000/-). Any updates to us regarding your cancellation from the trip that happens later would NOT be entertained and you will NOT be eligible for any refund if you have made a complete payment.

5.     I don’t have wide-angle lens to do Landscape Photography, can you help me ?

Based on the make of the camera and your requirement, we can assist or give pointers from where you can procure the required lenses on rental.


[wptabtitle] Itenerary[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Dates: Dec 13 2014 To Dec 20 2014

Day 0 (Dec 13 2014) : Arrive in Cherrapunjee

Day 1: Local sightseeing in Cherrapunjee

Day 2 : Caving Day 1: Initial reke to identify the opportunities and challenges. We will also be getting to know the cave system and the associated terrain

Day 3 – 4 : Caving Day 2 and 3: Photographing the cave system

Day 5 : Trek to the famous Living Bridges

Day 6: Free day

Day 7 (Dec 20 2014) :  Return


[wptabtitle] Costing Info[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Tour Cost:

Per participant: INR 55,000/- only

Tour cost includes:

  •         Travelling expenses from resort to all the places mentioned in the itinerary.
  •         Accommodation for 6 nights on twin sharing basis.
  •         Breakfast, lunch & dinner for all days including coffee/tea.
  •         Entry charges to applicable places.

Tour cost excludes:

  •         Transport to and from Cherrapunjee
  •         Accessories needed for the trip, rain covers for the camera etc.
  •         Aerated drinks, personal phone calls, medical assistance.
  •         Personal expenses if any.
  •         Whatever that is not mentioned in the included list.


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