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Luminous Landscapes - 2  : 2014

Luminous Landscapes – 2 : 2014

[wptabtitle] Outline[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


We know you love to explore and so do we! At LW we recognise this urge to go exploring the unseen and as a part of our Unseen Landscapes photo expedition, we invite you to be part of a unique experience to see the Indian rain forests like never before, literally in a “new light.” 

Join us on this expedition to go exploring deep inside the jungles to find and photograph the fabled “Luminous Landscapes“. 

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Nature holds within herself many amazing wonders, luminous fungi being one of them. These fungi are famous for glowing in the dark with a cool beautiful green glow. Under the right conditions they have the potential to transform the entire forest floor into a glowing spectacle which few eyes have seen John Matin. Our main objective on this expedition would be to find and photograph these glowing forest floors in the dark. The forest is also a heaven for exotic reptiles and is also abound with unlimited opportunities for macros.


If you are tired of the mundane and are like us, adventurous and fearless, then this expedition is for you, where shooting in pouring rain and pitch darkness is the norm. We are motivated by extreme challenges and believe you would be too. You will be guided by a seasoned naturalist from Mhadei national park and 2 of our LW staff to help you identify and shooting these amazing fungi Simply Pie download. Over the three nights you will learn about the challenges involved in making images in the rain and in dark conditions. You will also learn about using flashes and seeing how they can make a difference to your images.


Through the course of the expedition you will be housed in the Wildernest Nature Resort a unique and beautiful resort housed in the midst of the rain forests.

Expedition team size – 4 participants+ 2 LW staff
Expedition duration – 2 nights 3 days ( Sept 5-6-7 ) )


Lead Explorers :

Ashwini Kumar Bhat

Sriharsha Ganjam

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[wptabtitle] Pre-requisites[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


Who can attend:


  • Semi-professional and professional nature photographers who are well versed with photography basics old songs.
  • Adventure Seekers


What to carry:

We would be shooting in one of the wettest Rain Forest in the midst of our Monsoons. This would mean that rain would be our constant companion throughout the expedition. Taking care of both ourselves and our equipment is going to be our top priority.

Below listed are items that would help you have an enjoyable experience in the rain


  • Expect a lot of rain 게리모드 acf 다운로드. Sometimes it pours! So rain cover for your equipment is a MUST . LW would not be responsible for your equipment getting drenched as we are expected to shoot even in pouring rain.
  • You can buy Rain cover for your camera equipment from Amazon : Here
  • Good comfortable rain proof shoes as you are expected to walk
  • Since the regions that we will be visiting is inside the forest, you can expect leeches. Tons of them!  But don’t worry! Leech socks to keep the nasty leech bites at bay.
  • Warm & waterproof clothing for protection from rains is highly recommended Four hundred and 5.0 downloads.
  • Obviously your camera kit (Wide angle and macro lens). We bet none of your lenses will come back without shooting at least a few frames! 🙂
  • A solid tripod is a MUST.A good torch with a red light or red cellophane paper to preserve our night vision and not compromise on our visibility of the luminous fungi is a must.
  • Any personal medicines and toiletries.



[wptabtitle] FAQ [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


  • How do I conform my participation to the workshop?

You can conform your participation to the workshop by paying either the full workshop amount at the time of the booking or by paying INR 5,000/ as a booking advance (non refundable) with the reminder amount to be paid 2 weeks before the start of expedition dates 영화 페임 다운로드.

  • How many participants are expected on this workshop?

We lay a lot of emphasis on individual attention and individual breathing space. On this particular tour we do not intend to encourage more than 4 members.

  • What is your lead time for confirming my participation for the workshop?

Since we are genuinely concerned about participants’ comfort during the entire trip, we spend a lot of time researching, booking and arranging logistics for you Unity Editor. Hence we encourage your to make your bookings in advance. We close the slots on first come, first serve basis.

  • I am very much interested in this workshop but due to reasons I cannot make it this time. Do you intend to have more of such workshops / tours in near future ?

Yes we do have plans to have more of such workshops / tours in future. Get in touch with us :

  • I have registered myself to the workshop but due to unavoidable circumstances, I would not be able to make it to the workshop this time Letters Century program. Can I get back the refund of my registration advance?
Cancellations to the tour would be entertained only if we are informed TWO weeks in advance ( excluding booking advance of INR 5,000/-). Any updates to us regarding your cancellation from the trip that happens later would NOT be entertained and you will NOT be eligible for any refund.
  • Are alcoholic beverages allowed ?

No, we do not encourage the participants for procuring or consumption of alcoholic beverages during the course of the trip. 

Based on the make of the camera and your requirement, we can assist or give pointers from where you can procure the required lenses on rental.
  • Due to some unavoidable circumstance  I would not be able to make it this time though I have booked it. Can I get a refund of my advance ?

Generally, cancellations to the tour before 48 hours of departure would not entertain the refund of the advance money paid as a part of registration Walking Dad. Particularly for Luminous Landscapes expeditions, cancellation clause mentioned above is strictly applicable.



[wptabtitle] Itinerary[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]
Day 0*: (Sept 4thNight ) – Depart to Belgaum 

Day 1* (Sept 5th):

  • Arrive at Wildernest resort by noon for lunch.
  • During Day: Scouting in the forests of Chorla ghats for Landscapes, Reptile and Marco photo opportunities
  • During Night: Venturing into the forests to find our fabled Luminous Landscapes, and draw up plans and strategies to make images 

Day 2* (Sept 6th):

  • During Day: Scouting in the forests of Chorla ghats for Landscapes, Reptile and Marco photo opportunities
  • During Night: Venturing into the forests to find our fabled Luminous Landscapes, and draw up plans and strategies to make images

Day 3 (Sept 7th): We formally end our expedition and depart homewards after Breakfast.

* Plan subject to change based on the local weather conditions and place accessibility



[wptabtitle] Costing Info [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Tour Cost:

Per Participant: INR 13,500/- only 

Tour Cost includes:


  • Travelling expenses from resort to all the places mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation for 2 nights & 3 days on triple sharing basis.
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner for all the 3 days including coffee/tea.
  • Entry charges to applicable places.


Tour cost does not include:


  • Transport to and from Wildernest Resort .
  • Accessories needed for the trip, rain covers for the camera etc.
  • Aerated drinks, personal phone calls, medical assistance.
  • Personal expenses if any.
  • Whatever that is not mentioned in the included list.




[wptabtitle] August Trip Video [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

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