We at Landscape Wizards strongly believe in caring for environment. It is the responsibility of every human being. We encourage use of green products as a mark of respect and concern towards nature and environment.

Once on the wall, within acid free frames and glass, generally the prints are safe. As an extra level of protection, we would suggest you to follow couple of addition steps to protect your investment in art:


  • Avoid places where direct harsh sunlight falling on the art work.
  • Over the years dust build up is inevitable, you may want to consider cleaning the glass/frames. We highly recommend you to use ammonia-free solutions with soft micro-fibre cloth for cleaning of the frames and glass.
  • If you do not want to use chemicals or if you do not know if the cleaning solutions contains ammonia, you can prepare solutions at home: Half vinegar and half water, applied with a soft cloth or pump spray bottle. (If streaking occurs the first time, it is from years of glass cleaner buildup). Use a little rubbing alcohol to get it off. Or mix 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice in 1 glass of water and apply the solution on the glass using a pump spray and gently rub the surface with micro-fibre cloth to remove the accumulated dust.



[highlight2]”Dots”, Khumbu Ice Fall, Sagarmatha National Park[/highlight2]