It all started off with a single thought that originated deep inside the minds of one of the Landscape Wizards’ team member. It was a question – ” Can two different art forms culminate at a point to create a unique art work that is exclusive? ” The idea when presented in front of the team there was not only positive response but also excitement and the resulting answer was – ” There is nothing wrong in experimenting! Lets do it.”

The two art forms were – Photography & Music. Team wizards has always done something unique in its own way in the context of art and craft of Landscape Photography and time lapse photography. It was time to do something unique yet again. It was Samir’s turn to be our confederate. Samir hailing from Gujarat, is an excellent Guitarist and through this exclusive blog post, Team Wizards pompously welcomes Samir to be associated with us.

Confused? Connecting the dots, Landscape Wizards a little while ago had presented to all its viewers an article on introduction to time lapse photography. Now, it is time to present a series of wild experiences that the team has encountered along the journey of landscape photography in the form of time lapses. Yes you heard it right – we are now pleased to present it in front of all the viewers of Landscape Wizards , a new section on our website that contains unique time lapse visuals ! The first of the series is titled – “Heavenly“.  The music for the time lapse video is composed exclusively for LW by our good friend – Samir Lakhani. You can read more about Samir on our team page .

We sincerely thank Samir for his fantastic effort amidst his tight schedule and making this experiment possible and we have finally realised the dream in the form of a new time lapse video.

Feel free to drop us a line either here on the blog post or in the form of e-mail ( as you have always done through your ever encouraging words) and let us know how you felt about this small experiment of us.

Click on the following link to navigate to our all new Time Lapses section

2 thoughts on “Strums from the heaven

  • June 6, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    A page dedicated to time-lapse videos was certainly called for! Loved the integration with music as well, since I believe that a well-composed tune can greatly enhance the feel and depth of dynamic media like videos, slide-shows and time-lapse clips. Will look forward to seeing more.


  • June 7, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    I enjoyed the time lapse with music. Good to see, your team taking new initiatives and presenting photography with a new perspective. Keep up the good work


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