“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford


Who are we anyway?

AnilAnil Kumar Ranganatha is an ardent nature admirer, who loves music and photography. A techie by profession, He hails from Bangalore where one day he was introduced to photography by one of his friends. Further, Anil’s association with his close friend and fellow Landscape Wizards photographer Pramod Viswanath added fuel to a growing passion. Since then, walking the trails of nature with a camera in hand has become more of a second nature for Anil.

Anil cannot imagine anything else that could provide a state of self satisfaction and happiness other than relishing and sharing the different expressions of nature. He believes in “Nature is the art of God”, and is constantly trying to enhance the ‘way of seeing and capturing’ this natural art around him in the form of images. These images have found their abode in Landscape Wizards.

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AshwinHaving his roots in the Western Ghats in Karnataka, Ashwini Kumar Bhat is currently based out of Bangalore. As weekend warrior in terms of photography, He does software development for living. Birding and trekking are his other passions.

Ashwini is a passionate photography lover since his childhood but started using camera after his graduation. He has a curious eye towards patterns and colors of Nature. Though Ashwini uses Nikon gears, He strongly believes that equipment are just mere tools to portray one’s vision, because, at the end its the man behind the machine who does all the hard work. Its he who takes decisions, who waits patiently, who struggles hard in the field to get the image which his inner eye has seen.

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ShivaShivakumar L Narayan is a Bangalore based Travel and Nature photographer. Being a graduate in Engineering, spends time during weekdays as Quality Assurance Engineer as his profession. He was bitten by the shutter bug when was gifted a SLR by his sister. Since then learning turned into hobby and hobby into passion and now he is pursuing this passion to build up a strong database of Landscape images of India through the Landscape-Wizards team.

Shivakumar is a firm believer of the fact that its not the gear but the dream and vision of the dream which is mostly needed to make memorable images.

His predominant shooting workhorse is a Canon 5D DSLR along with a variety of “L” lenses ranging from 17mm to 300mm. Off the field he is a true “Mac-a-holic” and uses Adobe tools like Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 for his image management and post-processing needs.


Sriharsha Ganjam is a nerdy Web Analytics professional on weekdays and a passionate nature photographer on Sriharshaweekends. Nature and its subjects have always had a deep rooted fascination in “Harsh’s” imagination and he uses his time trying to showcase the subtle relationships that exist in nature. His first exposure to nature photography was on his trip to Bandhavgarh in the Dec of 2007. And before he knew it, he was hooked on the Nature photography brand wagon doing more trips and buying even more equipment to satiate his new found passion. Very soon it dawned on him, that to translate the feelings and emotions of nature into memorable still images, one needs more than just equipments. One needs to see nature with the mind’s eye! And this is one thing that he truly believes in.

He is also an avid star gazer and finds deep spirituality when gazing in to the stars on clear winter nights. He also runs for various charities whenever he is not off travelling or shooting.