For us, it all started off with like-mindedness, love for nature and ability to ‘see’ landscapes differently before we trip the shutter and most importantly – respect for nature.

It’s the sense of peace, serenity and stillness that we would love to portray through our images. We also feel, that through our images, we can make a difference to the attitudes of the people towards mother earth. Natural world is not just another place to litter or a place where people ‘use’ it for holidays. It’s a place that sustains not just we humans but various other forms of¬†life. It’s the respect towards these forms of life is what is driving us in coming up with this second home.

Why landscapes? Its the grand expanse and sheer beauty of planet earth is what can be revealed through an expressive photograph. It’s also the emotional contact one can establish seeing an image that portrays the wonder surrounding us. The fragrance, the wind, the mountains, the waters, the flowers are what that constitutes a landscape and as landscape photographers our task is to isolate the necessary elements and design a frame for you so that you can establish¬†that emotional contact. As ‘landscape wizards’ we will try to bridge you and the scene through our creations.

Many of our creations can be seen as online portfolio on the gallery page and the portfolio of the team members can be accessed through our team page. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.