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Monsoons – The quintessential season of the tropics responsible for moulding the ecosystem of the entire region. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than experiencing the magic of this season deep in the heart of Western Ghats, where unbroken mountain chains acts as a natural barrier to the moisture laden clouds, bringing down enormous quantities of rain. Far from the maddening rush and polluting cities, these places offer the ideal getaway for any nature lover.

All this rain mean enormous forests rich in Bio diversity and Natural splendor. For the avid Landscape photographer the opportunities at hand are unlimited. Ranging from complex river systems to over 5000 species of flowering plants, some of which are found nowhere else, these forests are truly Biological hotspots! These are called the Rain Forests for nothing, and we invite you to come join us to see the dynamics of the Greatest of the Indian seasons at work in a special Monsoon Photo workshop lead by Ashwini Kumar Bhat, who hails from the land of the Eternal Rainfall. If there is anybody who understands these mountains and their rainy stories it has to be Ashwini and the opportunities for photography under his guidance include…

  • Opportunities to shoot numerous unseen and untouched monsoon streams which burst to life only occasionally.
  • On field tips and tricks, getting the right settings amidst tricky situations.
  • Introduction to usage of  filters in landscape photography – a practical experience!
  • Lots of individual attention and personalized photography tips on composition.
  • Information and knowledge sharing on Natural history of the region.

Tour Leaders :

Ashwini Kumar Bhat

Anil Kumar Ranganatha


[wptabtitle] Pre-requisites[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


Who can attend:


  • Amateur, semi professional and professional nature/travel photographers.
  • Nature enthusiast who are not photographers or beginner photographers, who do not mind spending some extra time in Nature (when other trip mates are busy photographing!)


What to carry:


  • It’s monsoon.  Expect rain. Sometimes it pours! So rain cover for you and your equipment is highly recommended as part of your bag & baggage.
  • Since the regions that we will be visiting is inside the forest, you can expect leeches.  But don’t worry! Get in touch with us to get yourself a anti-leech socks to protect from the blood suckers.
  • Warm clothing and preferably little waterproof clothing for protection from rains.
  • Any personal medicines.  Sirsi is a moderately big town with good medical facilities, but we insist you not to take any chances and it is always better to carry your personal medicines.
  • Obviously your complete camera kit. We bet none of your lenses will come back without shooting at least a few frames! 🙂



[wptabtitle] FAQ [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

  • How many participants are expected on this group tour?

We lay a lot of emphasis on individual attention and individual breathing space. On this particular tour we do not intend to encourage more than 4 members.


  • How do I protect myself from leech bites?

Leeches are common in the rain forests of western ghats during monsoon. We advise you to come prepared with leech proof socks. If you do not have one and you intend get yourself a anti-leech socks to protect from the blood suckers, get in touch with any of the team members of Landscape Wizards.


  • What is your lead time for confirming my participation for the workshop?

Since we are genuinely concerned about participants’ comfort during the entire trip, we spend a lot of time researching, booking and arranging logistics for you. Hence we encourage your to make your bookings in advance. We close the slots on first come, first serve basis.


  • I am very much interested in this workshop but due to reasons I cannot make it this time. Do you intend to have more of such workshops / tours in near future ?

Yes we do have plans to have more of such workshops / tours in future. Get in touch with us :


  • I have registered myself to the workshop but due to unavoidable circumstances, I would not be able to make it to the workshop this time. Can I get back the refund of my registration advance?
Cancellations to the tour would be entertained only if we are informed ONE week in advance. Any updates to us regarding your cancellation from the trip that happens later would NOT be entertained and you will NOT be eligible for any refund.
  • Are alcoholic beverages allowed ?

No, we do not encourage the participants for procuring or consumption of alcoholic beverages during the course of the trip. 

  • I don’t have wide-angle lens to do Landscape Photography, can you help me ?
Based on the make of the camera and your requirement, we can assist or give pointers from where you can procure the required lenses on rental.
  •  Due to some unavoidable circumstance  I would not be able to make it this time though I have booked it. Can I get a refund of my advance ?

Cancellations to the tour before 48hrs of departure would not entertain the refund of the advance money paid as a part of registration.





[wptabtitle] Itinerary [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Day 1*:

Morning – Arrive at Sirsi and transfer to Hotel. Freshen up and have breakfast. We will be starting the trip by proceeding to Unchalli Falls, a cavalcade of water falls which eventually leap into a steep valley to form a spectacular, picturesque waterfall.  After spending some amazing moments amidst Nature and feeling what monsoon inside the a wet rain forest feels like, we will head back to Sirsi to have our Lunch.

Post Lunch – We will be heading towards Bennehole Falls which is at around 30kms from Sirsi. The road to the falls runs through thick forests which offers some amazing opportunities to make long lasting images. There are numerous streams which run through these forests and offer very good perspectives to make images. After spending our afternoon at this beautiful place we will come back to Sirsi, have a cup of hot tea followed by photo review session.


Day 2*:

Morning – We will checkout of Sirsi early in the morning and head towards Yana. The route to Yana has some pristine forests which are full of small streams and forest fauna. We will be shooting all along the route since there are some excellent places before we actually reach Yana. Yana is a photographer’s dream. The natural rock formations will make everyone who visit the place awestruck. We will spend good amount of time exploring various photography opportunities at this place before we leave for lunch.

Post Lunch – we will be moving towards Vibhooti Falls which is close to Yana. The marvelous beauty of this falls is such will make everyone so refreshing that people seldom want to come back from the place! Loads of photography opportunities en-route to this falls and at the place also. After we quench our thirst to shoot we head towards Yellapura where we will be staying overnight.


Day 3*:

Morning – Today we head to one of the most beautiful and scenic place of the region – Jenukal Gudda. Teeming with shooting opportunities this place is a wonderland for Nature Photographers. We will spend our entire morning at the place shooting amidst the melodious songs of Malabar Whistling Thrushes, which are active in the valley during early mornings. The clouds passing by will bear witness for our excellent photo shoot this morning. After we are satisfied by Jenukal’s beauty, we head towards Magod Falls and enjoy the beauty of the falls. Magod Falls offers some excellent views and the greenery around the falls will be at its best during this time. Once we get refreshed by the beauty of Magod Falls, it is the time to head back to Yellapur for lunch.

Post Lunch – We will be heading towards one of the most beautiful falls in Uttara Kannada – Sathoddi Falls. The drive through the forest to reach the place is an experience in itself. The backwaters of Kodsalli Dam offers some excellent viewpoints and photographic perspectives. After spending few minutes at Kodsalli Dam   we proceed to Sathoddi. We will spend good amount of time at the falls shooting various perspectives before we head back to Yellapur and then to Sirsi, where we formally end our trip on a happy note.

* Plan subject to change based on the local weather conditions and place accessibility



[wptabtitle] Costing Info [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]



Tour Cost:

INR 7500/- only per participant


Tour Cost includes:


  • Travelling expenses from Sirsi to all the places mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation for 2 nights on twin sharing basis.
  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner for all the three days including coffee/tea.
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner for all the three days.
  • Mineral water.
  • Entry charges to applicable places.


Tour cost does not include:


  • Transport to and from Sirsi.
  • Accessories needed for the trip, like leech socks and rain covers for the camera etc.
  • Aerated drinks, personal phone calls, medical assistance.
  • Personal expenses if any.
  • Whatever that is not mentioned in the included list.



[wptabtitle]Testimonials [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

This photography trip was not just about aperture, shutter speed, exposure or composition, it was more about learning the essence of photography.

And by essence i mean developing a photographer in me.

I did learn better compositions and exposure but i also gained patience. I moved from being someone who took good photographs by luck to someone who sets up the shots, understands the conditions and then takes the image.

The accessories and the lenses provided were very helpful because as a beginner it is not possible for me to have such accessories. I was also very happy with the immediate feedback i got on the images.This helped me in correcting and recapturing the images on the spot.

So everything put together, technical and aesthetically this was an excellent learning experience for me.

-Prashant Gupta


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