“So my message is in whichever realm, be it going into space or going into the deep sea, you have to balance the yin and yang of caution and boldness, risk aversion and risk taking, fear and fearlessness. No great accomplishment takes place, whether it be a movie or a deep ocean expedition, or a space mission, without a kind of dynamic equipoise between the two. Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option.”


Weather you want to have a relaxing and informative photo workshop or a challenging and exhilarating photo expedition, the choice is yours!  While both Workshops and Expeditions are aimed at making memorable images enjoying the Landscapes around us, they are completely different in their approach towards photography and audience.

Photo Workshops

This involves walking down beaten tracks with a set agenda. This is perfect for new photographers who are yet to get familiar with the terms and techniques of Landscape photography . A LW Photo workshop would get you refreshed and familiar with your camera. You would come back home with multiple Landscape images which are Screen Saver worthy! The workshops are also ideal for a weekend getaway.

Photo Expeditions

Expeditions the other hand involves hunting down specific photo assignments and are usually open with no set agenda. The main aim here is to find and make a specific Landscape Image for the assignment. The subjects are often difficult and always challenging. This is perfect for photographers who are familiar and aware of their photography and equipment. They want to take their photography to the next level, from “Point & Shoot” to “Plan & Shoot”. Success in a Photo Expedition is not guaranteed but learning about nature and her deep secrets are assured. A successful expedition often results in only one or few images of the subject of interest. The expeditions may also not be specifically designed for weekends and may also mean roughing it out in the wild in some cases!