Confluence ’15

[Mini-doc premiere & Photography Exhibition]

Inviting all interested Cave men and Women to our first ever video premiere featuring our latest Unseen Landscapes expedition to the amazing “Subterranean Landscapes“. Come and explore the breath taking beauty of the hidden Cave world and understand the part they play in our Eco system.
Featuring talks from

Sandesh Kadur: A National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Sandesh is best know for his work on North East India and his work has been featured on a variety of TV channels like BBC, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery. Hear his amazing experience while filming in the North East.

Rajesh Puttaswamaiah: An immigration lawyer by profession, Rajesh is passionate about wildlife and has done various studies on wildlife before focusing on bats. He is now presently a trustee of Bat Conservation India Trust and has been primarily focusing on conserving bats and their habitat’s. Learn the significance of caves for these humble creatures.

Expedition date: 1st of Feb 2015
Time: 4 – 7 pm
Venue: National Gallery Of Modern Arts, Bangalore

This is a free for all event with seating capacity for 160 Cave men & women :).

Please come early to book your crevice.

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